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After a 9 year hiatus... a New Beginning

This one is based off the very first Miles strip. I thought it fitting.
I must say, I had thought my art ability had grown rusty with disuse, but it seems it hasn't at all!

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so ya got inspired enough to draw a new comic. hehe congrats!
Yeah, you listing your favorite webcomics and me not being among them made me think about what mighta been. So I'm gonna start drumming up some audience again. ^_^
I can dig it. :)

Have you thought about using handwriting instead of truetype for all of the dialogue? I like the organic feel of it on Miles's "five more minutes" and on the old comic. But if it's a LOT more work, skip it, of course.

Glad to see you back in the game!

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so long as your handwriting is legible, i do like the feel of written text. gives it the ol' fashion comic feel to it. artist preference of course. ^_^
Agreed. It feels warmer, it feels more comicy. The HARD ALL CAPS COMIC TRUETYPE FONT kind of hurts to look at compared to your curvy, casual, pleasant art style. Having text that matches that style just feels right -- and as noted, it gives it the old fashioned feel, which is missing from a lot of webcomics.

Comics like Penny Arcade and PVP can use truetype because they use VERY hard, geometric lines. But if you look at a more traditionally drawn comic like Sinfest, they feel more freeform, more flowing like Miles is, and so handwriting works better.
Buuut, that said, I like the 'piggies' joke better than 'I need to put another coat on'. If you can squeeze it in in some form that'd help -- but note that the truetype squeeze-in WAS really kinda small and harder to read, so truetype isn't the solution to having longer jokes. :)
Mmm. Noted. I'll see what I can do for next week's.
yea... new comic....

sorry did not post sooner... been running around to much ^_^
No problem ^^
Yea! It's back! I've been like really busy at work today and so that is why my posting is so late. I cannot wait to see what's next.

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Oh, that'll probably come up sooner or later. :) Nice to be hearing from you again, btw. How you doing?