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Head injuries R phun!

I know what you're thinking. I tried to milk the Jackson/Presley thing for laughs twice. But as least it wasn't twice in a row. This set of strips and the one I posted earlier today were actually published like 6 weeks apart from each other.

These 3 strips were published consecutively in the weekly edition that was published the summer before the semester began, so very few people saw it, which was a shame. It was a cute little arc.

Although THESE three are in order of publication, I'm not posting the entire semester-worth of strips in order of publication, mind you. I'll do a lot of them out of order. There's very little cross-story continuity, if any, so I'm just putting them up in the order I feel like it. :) I'm gonna post a lot of them every day, so I can get started on new comics soon. Expect at least 2 of these old comics per day. Maybe more. Maybe a lot more.
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excellent! you're a wonderful cartoonist!
Thanks. :) As for the idea about making an icon, I don't know if I could think of anything to represent this LJ group that I could draw. I've never drawn an icon. I sorta like what you've got anyway. :)