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I started my comic strip work in college. The year was 1995. I did a rather conventional college comic strip for one semester. It was called "Miles to Go" and featured the characters of Miles, his sister Danni, and a couple of their friends.

I got into anime at that time, though. So, by the next semester I wanted to draw manga, not regular comic stuff. I didn't want ot resubmit a proposal to the paper, and decided to pull a "Tenchi TV Series" switcheroo. I simply kept the name "Miles" for the main character, removed the "to Go" part of the title, and changed everything else! The new cast featured Miles in the lead, of course. I gave him a kid sister named Min, then crash-landed a couple of aliens into his life, namely Yuki and Asako. (Okay, so they're Japanese aliens. I was a brand new fanboy, after all.)

Anyway, it lasted one more semester, but the paper didn't ask me for more strips after that, so it just sort of faded into obscurity. Eight years later (God, I can't believe it's been that long!), I decided to bring it back for a new audience. I have shown all the old comics here.

And now, I will continue. Stay tuned to see what's next!